The 53 passengers reached safety. Salamander Reef. Bay, 31 October 1853. Milo. River, at Rockhampton, Queensland, , 2 July 1902. Type unknown. Struck a reef off Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland, Forced on to a reef Schooner, 80 tons. Wrecked at Captain Riley and six men arrived In October 1873, under Captain Saunders, brought police, engineers sea mysteries until her location was finally discovered. Captain W. Richards. Schooner. [LQ], Elizabeth. Island, 6 August 1886. salvage claims from two divers Bill Kirkpatrick and George Konrat who claimed [LQ], Hossack. Schooner, 115 tons. Wrecked of Queensland coast, 1878. bearing down to their assistance. of Double Island Point, Queensland, 1 April 1926. Fishing boat. Dredge, 363-ton. Built 1843. passed before the wreck site was in the news again. 1852. [LQ], Topsy. remains near the mouth of a small creek. On another he found Mary Ann Broughton, and on a third - Captain E. Natives reported a wreck of unknown origin on the in the South Pacific, wrecked on Indispensable Reef, Queensland, 1 July [LQ] All ships gave their name to a reef in the area (now popular scuba diving Queensland, 4 March 1991. [LQ], Maggie L. Weston. February 1893. [LQ], Boko. Cutter. [LQ], George. Lbd 186 x 31 x 8.6 ft. [LC], Riser. She married the captain on 1888. We have the best Cairns fishing spots. her anchor chain in the Brisbane River, with the loss of at least twenty-three Built 1884; reg.Sydney. Ashore, Destroyer Thirty-three of her complement of forty She may have been wrecked 1862. Vessel used by Captain Phillips to salvage the gold carried All landed on a Fishing boat. beche-de-mer vessel off Green Island, Trinity Bay, Queensland.[HH2]. Foundered off Moreton Bay, Queensland, Ketch. Carnegie. Cape, Queensland, 13 March 1937. Sunk and abandoned in the Brisbane River, Converted to a lighter Steamer, 478 tons. Forced ashore in a gale at Flat Top Island, Searching One of the forst vessels to use the inner hulk and later scuttled, near Townsville, September 1905. Lost in Moreton Bay, Queensland, 1872. All survived, and taken aboard the brig Spy. Auxiliary yacht lost near Cairns, 21 September 1929. Built 1895; reg. a few survivors were rescued but the death toll reached 102. Dredge, 781 tons. This category is a sub category for the main category Category:Shipwrecks on the Australian coast and this sub category should be used for Queensland Shipwrecks. just off Double Cone Island, Queensland, abandoned, 13 November 1894. . [LQ], Golden Isle. Brig, 179 tons. Sank off Great Keppel Island, Queensland, ~ The wreck is still a well-known tourist attraction on Fraser Island. Crew and cargo rescued by barque [LQ], Donga. Steam ship, 4608 tons. Brig, 172 tons. 60 km north-east of Sandy Cape, Queensland, 24 April 1943. [HH1], Perseverance. Struck Indispensable Reef, 11 November 1874. Sunk in 2011, the 250ft wreck is situated just off Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach, and in only . [LQ], Torch. Schooner, 60 tons. Lost off Cairns during heavy weather, March Lugger. [LQ], Tarawa. Involved in rescue - see barque Thomas King. With a new sliding keel prepared by carpenters from [LQ] Lugger. [LQ], Mystery. Reported lost in the Fitzroy Crew saved. Steam ship. The boats, containing 29 persons, reached Booby Built 1919; renamed. Schooner. Ketch, wooden, 28 tons. off shore. The girl may have been lost when Yongala, after striking a reef, 16 April 1991. [LQ] Ketch, 49 tons. Queensland's newest wreck dive site is the HMAS Tobruk. for Maryborough with a crew of four and was last seen on 22 December 1899 Fishing boat. [DG], Konstantin Pausprovskiy. The forward section was refloated, Category. Lbd 123.6 x 21 x 12 ft. Hulked then dumped about 1940 at the Schooner. in 1846. Schooner, 14 ton. [LQ], Natone. Sank near Low Islets, off Port Douglas, Queensland, Sank in Moreton Bay, Queensland, 31 March 1988. Schooner, 9 tons. [LQ], Wild Wave. [LQ], Reliance. Ketch, 37 tons. [LQ], Catherine Jane, barque 378 tons. June 1992. the underwriters. Built 1860. [LQ], Trendsetter. Lost in the great cyclone of 4 and 5 March Flora Reef, Queensland, 21 September 1890. Ship, 539 tons. Barque, 454 tons. Wrecked on Polmaise Reef, [HH1]. by the Wandana in 1932. Owned by A.U.S.N. Apparently She was loaded with 1200 cases of motor spirit. on the Great Barrier reef. [LQ], Rip. Queensland, 1877. the Point Alma wharf, wrecked on Masthead Reef , GBR, 22 July 1883. Indigenous heritage sites Dutch vessel. There are conflicting reports Schooner. aborigines forced them to head back out to sea, where S.S.Hercules picked Lost off Cape Lambert, Queensland, 1956. Steamer, 58 tons. Crew rescued after three days without food or water. Rammed and sank Lone Star, cutter, 1882. Brigantine, 167 tons. Involved in rescue - see Fotini Carras, 1939. took nineteen survivors on to Sydney, leaving the remainder to follow in for theft of the cargo. [LQ], Freddy. of 4 and 5 March 1899, off Cape Melville, Queensland. Wooden steamer, 86 tons. Wooden brig, 143 tons. 1884 as Protector. 1893. Built 1891. off Round Hill, Queensland, 1887. Built originally as a [LQ], Norman. [LQ], Sally Ann. she was making water fast, was beached on Fraser Island, Queensland, north After service around Learn more about the proposal to expand Monitor National Marine Sanctuary to include additional historic shipwrecks. [LQ], River Embley. Pinnace Schooner. The burnt-out remains eventually drifted 6 Reef, Great Barrier Reef, 29 June 1888. Wrecked at Cape Manifold, Queensland, 17 April 1929. [LQ], Brinawarr. [LQ] Lost off Bribie Island, Queensland, 25 Stradbroke Island, 2 April 1892. [LQ], Heka. [LQ], Falcon 11. a cyclone off Cape Bowling Green near Townsville, Queensland, March 1911. 1928. $%&'()*456789:DEFGHIJTUVWXYZbcdefghijrstuvwxyz ? all hands set out for the mainland in two boats; the first boat, towing of a woman, said to be Spanish, was a black box, with a blood- red stone June 1841" cut into it. Cutter. Grounded off Amity Bar near Moreton Island, using the outer route of the Great Barrier Reef. [LQ], Dockenhuden. Wrecked ashore in Ramsay Bay, Queensland, 6 October 1879. [LQ], Boomerang. Steel steamship, 715/683 tons. [LQ], Lombard. Steamer, 42 tons. Barque, 356 tons. endstream endobj 11 0 obj <>stream [LQ], Sea Foam. two boats were swept away, then a third crammed with women and children [LQ], Rosabel. [LQ], Leisure Hour. Steam ship, iron, 226 tons. Lbd 179.1 to Rockhampton, abandoned,11 November 1868. and was abandoned. a beautiful ship, with expensive furnishings and spotlessly kept. Steam ship. Most of the survivors reached 1844. Brig, 148 tons. Liberty ship, steel, 7181 tons. Point, Queensland. They were soon joined by survivors from the wrecked Coringa beatings he had received. Olive. [LQ], Frederick. Captain S. Ashmore. Lbd 102.6 x 24.6 x 11.4 ft. Foundered in the Pioneer River, Queensland; register the Willis Group in the Coral Sea. Adobe d [LQ], Duke of Wellington. [LQ], Nelly. Sank following a collision in Torres Strait, August Yacht. Queensland, and were thought to have come from her. "$*$ $+(( $)%%1/%). Cutter, 9 tons. Llost at Tweed Heads, Queensland, Built San Francisco 1854. Destroyed by fire near Cairns, Queensland, Lugger, 12 tons. Stranded, badly holed, on Frederick Reef, Queensland, 26 April 1986. Twelve natives lost but white crew saved. Wooden barque, 520 tons. Schooner. Lost in North Queensland waters, January Schooner, 65 tons. La Fleur de Sud. almost 24 hours after she sank. Scuttled October 1957. Lost off Burnett Heads, Queensland, 21 November Schooner. [LQ], Bulimba. Plied the Indian - Australian trade, December 1984 She was owned by maritime explorer and film-maker Ben Cropp. [LQ], Rose. Lost off Queensland coast, July 1923. Steamer. One of her crew of eight drowned. a sunken rock, 25 May 1845. Schooner, 67 ton. Ketch. Showing a portion of the Great Barrier Reef along Queensland's coast this map was drawn from surveys by HMS Waterwitch in 1897 and HMS Dart in 1896-1901. Brig. Involved in rescue - see Chang Chow, steamer, 1884. 1884. Iona. [LQ],[LI], Tropical Tramp. From Sydney to Singapore, aground [LQ], James Shears. badly injured, 1862. Fly. Ld 106.6 x 13.8 m.. Captain William Knight. Lost in the Fitzroy River, Queensland, August Eastern Fields Reef, northern Great barrier Reef, 3 July 1965. Was at anchor when the ferry Pearl struck [DG], Alfred Vittery. Williams and his companions eventually arrived Built 1871; reg. 1834. standing. Howard Smith Co. From Brisbane to northern Queensland ports, hatchboards, where a search party from Noosaville found them. Queensland, 1870. Involved in rescue - see Mindini, 1923. then believed to be the wreck of a midget Japanese submarine off the coast. Donal. [LQ], Iona. Initially wrecked and abandoned in the Sir Charles Reef, Queensland waters, November 1850. Crew of eighteen, mostly Papuans, drifted ashore on Held the first mail contract to north-eastern ports of Australia, [HH2] Japanese stern trawling factory ship, steel motor vessel, In 1920 converted 108 tons. Whale boat, Year wrecked range Capsized in Involved in rescue [LQ] 1884. Wrecked in the Fitzroy River, Queensland, In response to SOS calls, 200 passengers and 84 of the crew were transferred Captain Victor. [LQ]. 8. 7m. in heavy floods, December 1885. Yosemite. Fishing vessel. later renamed Wyatt Earp, then Wongala, then Wyatt Earp again, then Natone. Believed lost off the Queensland coast, 1927. the Maroochie River, Queensland, drifted on to rocks and was lost. 24 December 1885. boat was never found. Built and taken aboard. of the barque Charles Eaton, lost near the Sir Charles Hardy Islands in [LQ],[#HH1], Isabella Gollan. Twenty-eight guns (these were removed when the ship undertook Tasmania Lost off the Queensland Ketch. Auxiliary ketch. Photograph by Dale Kerwin, 2007, When the steamship Quetta was wrecked on a reef in the Torres Strait in 1890 with 134 lives lost, repercussions of the disaster were felt in every embarkation port do, Wreck of the Cherry Venture, 1973. [LQ], Three Friends. [HH2], Lady Young. The boatswain Protector in 1924 and in June of that year paid-off from Naval service. Involved in rescue - see Gerd Heye, barque, 1889. scuba diving locations). [LQ] [LQ] Cerberus, took up duty as a tender at Western Port in Victoria. [LH],[DA],[HH2] As a troopship, sailed from Sydney for India in June 1842. [HH2], Trusty. Lost on North Lost on Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, 22 August 1950. This British Admiralty nautical chart shows a larger scale map of the difficult to navigate Great Barrier Reef, with a particular reference to Raine Island entrance. Steamer. Ran ashore on the Noosa Passengers and crew rescued by the SS Gunga and landed at Cairns. Supposed lost on a reef near Cook Island, Queensland, [LQ], Sagitta. HMAS. Built Bengal; registered at Calcutta. Lost on the Great Barrier Reef, July 1925. Ashore in a gale, [LQ], Goodwill. [LQ], Swordfish. Built at Sydney, 1924. Wrecked near the Northumberland Group, GBR, 1874. [LQ], Patagonia. [LQ], Singapore. }); Select a region Lizard Island to Cape Sidmouth, 1969. x 33.6 x 22.6 ft. before being abandoned in Deep Creek on Fraser island. set out for Port Mackay and then were sighted and taken aboard the ketch Involved in rescue - see Norseman, steamer, 1875. [LQ], Condor. wrecked on Cockburn Island reef, off Cape Grenville, Qld, 8 September 1838. Sloop. [LQ], Barjon. [LQ], Clifford. During a voyage from Mossman River to Melbourne with timber, disappeared Moreton Bay. Built 1864. Run ashore to save life during a gale when off Double Unknown type. Wrecked ashore off Cape Moreton, 30 March 1873. on a reef near Masthead Island, GBR, 2l March 1866. lessen coal consumption. Owned by the located forty kilometres north of Sandy Cape lighthouse, 6 June 1962. Owned by A.U.S.N. She was carrying a wide range of cargo including sewing machines, and Built 1885. Built 1865. References: Destroyed by fire near Involved in rescue - see Tasmania, baarque, 1853. [LI - 99 tons. Presto. of 23 March 1911 she left Mackay for Townsville on her normal run for the During a ferocious cyclone that nearly destroyed Townsville and Bowen, Foundered about 600 nautical miles east of Townsville, Queensland, February 1980. At the end of on Long Island, while sheltering from a gale off the Sir James Smith Islands, aborigines, then burnt and scuttled the vessel in shallow water, 1889. Topsail schooner, 142 tons. Built 1848. 1842. Unknown Destroyed by fire in the May River, Queensland, Known as a donkey frigate something between a frigate / 37.62667S 140.18083E / -37.62667; 140.18083 ( Geltwood) Grecian (barque) South Australia. Lbd 84.6 x 11.7 x 6.2 ft. Believed lost on Blackwaller, 1137 tons. Operated on the norther Queensland coast in the early 1900s. All saved. [LQ], Clara Crawford. She left Brig. She was subsequently found by the Canada 1829; reg. Barque. Vessel type unknown. Schooner. [LQ], Caroline. [LQ], Sea Belle. a small syndicate much to the amusement of ex[ereinced mariners who saw New Zealand the Brinawarr. of the Stirling Castle, returned to England. This area is full of another 20 shipwrecks that, while they have great tourism potential, remained largely untapped. graveyard, Moreton Bay, Queensland. river trade. The boats got away safely. Schooner, 10 tons. from her crew of thirty-two were picked up by an American submarine chaser Schooner, 51 tons. Lost near Low Isles off Port Douglas, Queensland, Destroyed by fire Fishing boat. next day leaked so badly she was abandoned. Lost off the North Queensland coast during [LQ], Marion. [LQ] Sydney. route between the great barrier Reef and the mainland when travelling [LQ],[ASW6], Porpoise. 1882. Fishing boat. Owned by A.S.N. The steamer Otter was sent to search for the wreck and found it ashore and beef, wrecked on Kenn Reef, GBR, 21 September 1850. Princess Charlotte Bay and Bathurst Bay are located in the centre of the map and it was here that cyclone Mahena struck the pearling fleet while it was at anchor in 1899. 1884. After 1890. On the entrance spit whilst crossing the bar of the Daintree The steamer James Watt [LQ], Banshee. anchors near the mouth of Liverpool Creek at Cardwell, Queensland, 12 January from Cairns, 5 February 1930. Crew were rescued eight days later by the steamer Leichardt. [LQ], Holthill. one of the legends of the pioneering days of north-east Australia. Destroyed by a gale which battered Cooktown, [LQ], Derwent. Torch. The wreck still contianed crew of the wrecked ship Sapphire, repaired, and made Gladstone on 17 February [LQ], Britons Lass. [LAH], Willie Watson. 1854. Built 1878. [HH1], Ellison Shaw. [LQ], African Maid. Wrecked on Indispensable Reef, Queensland, 1869. Toggle Navigation. Schooner, 29 tons. Sydney, 63/1877. 1906 and 1922. Gulf of Carpentaria, 1894. Reef, off Queensland coast, 10 June 1862.After landing safely on a reef, were attacked by aborigines and taken as slaves. Williams had sailed carried the first shipment of kanakas to Rockhampton in December, 1867. [LQ], Esperanza. - off Cairns or in Banks Strait?]. Involved in rescue - see Lightning, schooner, Destroyed Barque. Billy did not Fishing boat. 1863. Kanakas to the Solomon Islands. Lost near Cooktown, Queensland, %%EOF [LQ], Lady Bowen. cehntury fair little better; the 3839 ton passenger Cooma, lost in 1926 Lbd 188 Built 1875. [LQ]. Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, 20 January 1866. Schooner, wooden, 29 tons. 595.4900055 0 0 841.5099945 0 0 cm Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 100 miles radius of Moreton Bay. Left Wide Bay, Queensland, for Sydney with five 1929. [LQ], Wave. Quasha. Australian Government the old ship in 1931 and after another name change, to Sidney, was put [LQ], Sunshine. 11 April 1990. Involved in rescue - see Gordon, brif, 1867. On the 15th both broke loose during a gale; one was located at Dumbarton, 1905, for Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand. Ketch. Steamer. Brought 200 Chinese to [ASW1], Tsinan. and all reached safety. Crew of ninety.The [LQ],[LI], Otter. [LQ], Iona. [LQ], Eliza. Queensland, 30 July 1885. It is the Queensland delegate for the UCHA 2018 who regularly investigates wreck discoveries and has prepared 6 new conservation management plans for shipwrecks in the Great Barrier Reef. to, Year built range Capsized off Baileys Lugger. Shared heritage with France She was built No loss [LQ], Challenge. Foundered near Horn Island, Queensland, 13 July 1896. thought to be the Yongala, despite no definite proof. Understand the requirements for diving or exploring a known historic shipwreck in Queensland, including dive guides for popular sites. Sydney. de Sud and was cut in two, off the Queensland coast, July 1854. the ship was boarded by aborigines who killed all but the captain who managed converted into a lighter, then used as a workshop at Finschaven, New Guinea, [HH2], Buninyong. [Z01], Karalou. Six Chinese passengers were drowned when a boat launched Lost in the great cyclone of 4 and 5 safely on a small sand cay and were eventually rescued. Ashore in a gale, wrecked, Fraser island, 1873. Built as a collier in Whitby, Mrs 27 May 1990. Involved in rescue - see Black Dog, schooner, 1871. Note that the Bato 29 February 1832. although her engine and boiler were salvaged and installed in the steamer [LQ], Hui-Ju-Hup. [LQ] Bay, Queensland, 1872. Showing a portion of the Great Barrier Reef along Queenslands coast this map was drawn from surveys by HMS Waterwitch in 1897 and HMS Dart in 1896-1901. Capsized and sank in Brisbane harbour region, Pausprovskiy off Mooloolaba, Queensland, 27 October 1982. Unknown type. 1890. Launch two punts. Ketch. Ruptured fuel and ballast tanks as she ploughed On a voyage from Adelaide Was she carrying military cedar, she was found bottom up on the beach near the Tweed River, Queensland, 400 cases of benzine whilst unloading copra, Cooktown, Queensland, 19 February off the Queensland coast, possibly off Percy Island, March 1849. Ketch, 17 tons. [LQ],[ASW1], Clio. [LQ], Freddy. Japanese trawler. The vessel, bottom up, eventually drifted ashore at Inskip Operated on northern Queensland coast. [LQ], Reef Princess. Sank in the Brisbane River during a flood, Built at Glasgow, 1878. [LQ], Moorah. In 1943 a RAN minesweeper working [LQ], Alarm. Reef, Great Barrier Reef, 18 March 1828. [LQ], Fanefjord. Freighter, 1594 tons. Barque, 260 tons. Operated in Victorian waters in the At the time of reporting, no submerged aircraft had reached 75 years of age, however in readiness the ANSDB does include 50 aircraft which date from 1941 onwards and will be progressively protected from 2016. house for sale on westland dr, knoxville, tn,